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  • 02/05/24

    Discovering the Tomb

    Imagine you are part of the excavation team led by Howard Carter in 1922, as they first caught sight of the glorious golden treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb that had lain undisturbed for some 3,000 years. In teams, you will be entering the ‘tomb’ with torches and seeing what artefac...
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  • 19/04/24

    Ukuleles with Barton Music Makers

    On Monday, representatives from Barton Music Makers joined us in assembly to present the school with a very generous donation to help us buy 49 new ukuleles to be used by Year 5 during our whole class music lessons.  Barton Music Makers have supported TRJS over a number of years through donatio...
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  • 12/04/24

    Wise Words

    This week in assemblies we have been thinking about the big question: How do sacred writings affect the behaviour of believers?  We discussed the importance of Ramadan as remembering the month when the Qur'an was first given to the Prophet Muhammad from Allah.  We learnt...
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  • 01/03/24

    Speak Out, Stay Safe

    This week in our assemblies we have been using the NSPCC resources for Speak Out, Stay Safe. It is a programme for children aged 5-11 which aims to help children understand abuse in all its forms and to recognise the signs of abuse. Children are taught to speak out if they are worried, either to a s...
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  • 08/02/24

    Celebrating our Achievements

    Well done to all you Merit Winners! Each week we have one child from each class who receives the award in assembly followed by hot chocolate and cookies in Mr Emery’s room. We hear about all their wonderful achievements, what they enjoy doing out of school and they get to ask Mr Emery que...
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  • 02/02/24

    Our Curriculum

    We are proud of the curriculum we have for all our children at TRJS to succeed and excel, and that encourages and motivates them to BE THEIR BEST.  Our curriculum has always been broad and ambitious, covering all subjects of the statutory national curriculum, and beyond. It...
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  • 26/01/24

    World Food

    This week Year 6 have been using their culinary skills to make a delicious guacamole as part of their 'World Food' topic in Design and Technology lessons. Children have explored the Eatwell plate, recapping their knowledge of the food groups and using this to make sure their recipe was based...
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  • 19/01/24

    Over To You...

    On Wednesday this week, several BRAVE pupils presented to the rest of school in our assembly on the theme ‘How do you prepare for a special event?’. We were treated to interesting, funny and confident presentations, with props, pictures and photos. Presentations included: the build-up to...
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  • 21/12/23

    TRJS - the place to be this Christmas

    Well done to all of our children and families for a brilliant Christmas Carol Service in St James's Church yesterday. We listened to Year 6 readers tell us about the different meanings of Christmas, watched Year 3 share with us the Nativity story and listened to loud, joyful singing from everyon...
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  • 17/12/23

    Recycling Winners

    Our 'Climate Changers' group led an interesting and informative assembly a few weeks ago, and introduced a competition to us from 'Masters of Infinity'. 30+ of TRJS pupils took part and we are thrilled to announce that we  achieved... 1 st, 2nd and 3rd places!! With almost...
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  • 01/12/23

    Elf Training

    This morning, our Year 3 and 4 children started getting into the Christmas spirit with the help of some elves from the Adventure Farm at Tatenhill.  On Monday, we had Rev Andy talk to us about this special time of year, which is called Advent, and Christians believe prepares the way for the...
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  • 17/11/23

    TT Rockstars Battle!

    Today saw a new type of TTRockstars competition take place at TRJS. For the first time, the battle took place live in school. It was brilliant to see the children’s competitive spirit and their fabulous times tables skills. Throughout the course of the morning, our children answered an amazing...
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