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  • 06/05/22

    Eid al-Fitr

    Muslims around the world and celebrated the end of Ramadan on Monday and Tuesday this week. Best wishes and Happy Eid to all our staff and pupils who shared in the festivities with their families. Mrs Khalid and some of the children told us about how they celebrated this year - their favourite foods...
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  • 29/04/22

    Swift Playgrounds

    This week Year 5 started a new coding programme in Computing lessons called Swift Playgrounds. They learnt how to code using commands in a sequence using Swift coding language on the ipads.  Brodie: "I liked finding the right step to get the gem." Emilia: "I liked using the...
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  • 18/03/22

    Science Week 2022

    What Super Scientists we have been this week! This year's Science Week is on the theme of 'Growth'. On Thursday we split into our four School Houses - Anson, Jervis, Bassett and Clinton - and worked with children in other year groups: Year 3 with Year 6, Year 4 with Year 5. Our activitie...
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  • 04/03/22

    Super Sports

    Huge congratulations to our Y6 Football Team who played their first home game of the season yesterday and the first game since the season was paused in October. The team were against Richard Wakefield and won 4-0. The whole team showed excellent participation, skill and positive attitude towards the...
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  • 18/02/22

    Step into the NHS

    This week children have been thinking about 'When I grow up I want to be...' and the opportunities open to them in their future careers. We discussed identities and all the factors that can influence our choice of job e.g. personality, family jobs, finances, training, stereotypes.  C...
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  • 11/02/22

    Drug, Alcohol and Resilience Training (DAaRT)

    Year 6 are taking part in a 10 week programme of Drug and Alcohol Resilience Training, with a graduation in the 11th week to share with parents what has been discussed, learnt and practised over the sessions. The sessions are led by a trained professional who gives our Year 6s lots of advice, inform...
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  • 04/02/22

    Happy Chinese New Year

    On 1st February, Mrs Brammer and Mrs Roach cooked us a special celebration meal for Chinese New Year. It was the first time many of us had used chopsticks and it wasn't easy! However, many gave it a real go and kept persevering (others opted for a fork instead!). A big red dragon was hangin...
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  • 28/01/22

    Save the Rainforests

    Year 4 are in the midst of making fascinating discoveries about rainforests and in particular, the Amazon rainforest. From its climate, its structure and the wondrous array of plant species to the threats it faces to its future. We have been describing creatures and how they have adapted to the...
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  • 21/01/22

    Seed Investigation

    This half-term, Year 5 are learning all about lifecycles of plants and animals. In the last couple of weeks, we have been finding out about how plants reproduce and what they need for healthy growth. This week we have set up an experiment to see how temperature affects germination and growth. Eac...
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  • 17/12/21

    Merry Christmas!

    A huge thank you to our school family for the lovely gifts and warm sentiments we have received. It is always a pleasure teaching your wonderful children and we feel very privileged to spend time with them in our care.  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and health...
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  • 13/12/21

    Jolly Jumpers

    Congratulations to Will TW, Beatrice, Cara and Ollie, our School Councillors from Y6 who raised nearly £40 with their Christmas Jumper Sale. We were really pleased to see them developing their entrepreneurial skills as well as helping the environment – win, win! Children...
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  • 03/12/21

    Clay Cave Art

    Today. Year 3 travelled back in time 8000 years to the Stone Age. They imagined they were a Stone Age person looking at their own cave wall for inspiration (this was a bit like seeing shapes in the clouds!).  Some children saw a hunting scene, with people stalking a deer, the nig...
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