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  • 09/05/23

    Coronation Dinner

    On Friday we had a special dinner to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. Children were invited to design the menu for the day, incorporating traditional dishes or new ideas. They created pages of a recipe book, designed menu cards for a banquet, drew and labelled and co...
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  • 04/05/23

    Roman Mosaics

    Year 4 have been learning about the Romans in their History lessons. They read 'Escape from Pompeii' in English and wrote some fantastic stories based on this book. In Art, the children have been learning about mosaics and how they were created, then designed and made their own. Don't th...
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  • 27/04/23

    Dogs Trust

    This week we have been taking part in workshops on how to be 'Dog Smart'. We learnt that dogs all have different personalities and feelings so we can never know how friendly a dog might be. We practised how to stroke a dog that belongs to someone else, making sure that the first thing w...
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  • 21/04/23

    Big Awards

    Congratulations to the winners of our English and Maths Big Awards for the Spring term. In our ceremony this week, we awarded eight trophies to two children in each year group for excellent progress, attainment, effort or achievement in English or Maths. Teachers gave a short speech o...
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  • 26/03/23

    Famous Footballers

    On Thursday 23rd March, a group of children from Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to visit St George’s Park to watch the England U21 national team train.  We were able to watch the whole training session and get some top tips on attacking and defending with training led by head coach Lee Ca...
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  • 15/03/23

    Enterprise Project Launch

    Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Do you have a bright idea? Could you be the next Young Apprentice?  Then this is the project for you. Over the next 12 weeks, your challenge is to grow the £1 given to you by  school into as much money as you can. Hav...
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  • 10/03/23

    World Book Day

    Where is your favourite place to read? That is what we asked each other at TRJS last week to celebrate World Book Day. Many children brought in a photo of them reading in their favourite place - some more snuggly and cosy than others! Well done to all who took part in the competition. The winne...
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  • 01/03/23

    Climate Changers

    Today, our Year 5 'Climate Changers' presented to the whole school information and thought-provoking facts about our climate. Oscar told us what climate change is, Freya talked about Greta Thunberg and Daisy gave us the facts about deforestation. Adam shared his knowledge of BECCS which...
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  • 17/02/23

    Practical Maths

    We love getting outside for 'alfresco' learning at TRJS. Year 3 have been learning about capacity this week, estimating and measuring how many millilitres different items can hold. Some of our estimates were accurate, thinking "is the mug bigger or smaller than my 500ml water...
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  • 10/02/23

    Resilience Alphabet

    It has been Children's Mental Health Week and we have been thinking about the importance of connecting with others can help our wellbeing and resilience. What is resilience? It is the ability to keep going then things don't go as we expect, and to have a good way of talking about and thinkin...
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  • 28/01/23

    Because I'm happy...!

    We love our music lessons at TRJS. All year groups learn an instrument: Year 3 - keyboard, Y4 - recorder and ocarina, Y5 - clarinet, Y6 - glockenspiel.  Year 6 are learning to sing and play along to 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams as part of our pop music topic, building on our previous...
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  • 21/01/23

    Could you be a Governor?

    Do you want to play a part in determining the strategic direction of the school? Do you want to have a say in important decisions about finance and buildings? Do you have time that you could contribute to support the achievements and developments at the school? We greatly appreci...
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