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  • 14/01/20

    Animated Learning

    This half term, Year 4 are creating their own animations in Computing lessons. They started the topic by learning about animation in the past, including in flipbooks and thaumatropes. Here are a couple of the successful thaumatropes - it really did look like the bird was in the cage!
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  • 13/12/19

    Roaring Rivers

    Over this half term, Year 5 have been learning the key physical and human features associated with rivers, including our local River Trent. In D.T. lessons we made our own river models from a range of materials that could be used to teach others about the key physical features. We had to problem sol...
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  • 06/12/19


    With only ten school days to go, we are getting in to the Christmas spirit at TRJS. On Monday, local faith leaders came in to talk to us about Advent and gave each class an Advent Calendar. Each day as we open a new door we tell the next step in the Nativity Story. Our Christmas Service prep...
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  • 29/11/19

    This club is bananas!

    At TRJS we have a huge number of lunchtime and after school clubs that the majority of our children participate in. There is something to suit everyone, from a huge range of sports, to art and crafts, words and language, games, nature, music... If you can think of a club we do not currently do that...
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  • 22/11/19

    Mindfulness is a Superpower!

    Put simply, mindfulness is “to pay attention, on purpose, to the present moment”. We want to use mindfulness with our school community to: •Help children reduce stress and anxiety; •Increase concentration and engagement; •Sleep better; •Improve social s...
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  • 15/11/19

    Say No to Bullying

    Anti-Bullying Week happens in schools across England each November. We have been thinking about this year's theme 'Change Starts With Us' in our assemblies this week.  The week is co-ordinated across the country by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (https://www.anti-bullyingalliance.o...
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  • 08/11/19

    Peace and Remembrance

    This week we have been reflecting on 'what does peace look like, feel like and sound like?' alongside understanding more about why we hold a two-minute silence on Armistice Day on November 11th.  We learnt about the British Legion's message: Our red poppy is a symbol of bo...
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  • 18/10/19

    Packington Farm

    Year 3 have been to the farm...but it was so much more than just a farm! They had a wonderful morning meeting the animals, creating (and hiding in) dens, wandering through woodland, making boats from the natural environment and trying to make them float.  What a fab day! The wellies were wel...
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  • 11/10/19

    Safety First

    This week Year 5 went to the Fire Station for a morning on safety:  - online safety with the police - money safety with Natwest Money Sense - personal safety with St John's Ambulance - home and fire safety with the fire fighters We were the first school to use their new inter...
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  • 27/09/19

    An Alien has Landed...

    Year 5 have been investigating the strange sounds and appearance of a mysterious UFO this week. Something was spotted hovering over the school fields during the night earlier in the week. On Wednesday we were stunned to discover large pointed footprints leading to the mobile classroom. We followed t...
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  • 06/09/19

    Welcome Back!

    A very warm and joyful welcome to our new Y3 children and parents, and how lovely to see everyone else back happy and healthy after the summer holiday. It's been a wonderful week, with children coming to their lessons with enthusiasm and motivation to get better and succeed.  Our ne...
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  • 12/07/19

    Magnificent Music

    Music is a passion at TRJS and we really appreciate the value in learning an instrument. Our Year 3s learn to play the keyboard and our Year 5s each have ownership of a clarinet for the year to learn in school and practise at home. This week our music teacher Miss Williams put on a Musical Extravaga...
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