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  • 21/01/22

    Seed Investigation

    This half-term, Year 5 are learning all about lifecycles of plants and animals. In the last couple of weeks, we have been finding out about how plants reproduce and what they need for healthy growth. This week we have set up an experiment to see how temperature affects germination and growth. Eac...
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  • 17/12/21

    Merry Christmas!

    A huge thank you to our school family for the lovely gifts and warm sentiments we have received. It is always a pleasure teaching your wonderful children and we feel very privileged to spend time with them in our care.  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and health...
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  • 13/12/21

    Jolly Jumpers

    Congratulations to Will TW, Beatrice, Cara and Ollie, our School Councillors from Y6 who raised nearly £40 with their Christmas Jumper Sale. We were really pleased to see them developing their entrepreneurial skills as well as helping the environment – win, win! Children...
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  • 03/12/21

    Clay Cave Art

    Today. Year 3 travelled back in time 8000 years to the Stone Age. They imagined they were a Stone Age person looking at their own cave wall for inspiration (this was a bit like seeing shapes in the clouds!).  Some children saw a hunting scene, with people stalking a deer, the nig...
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  • 12/11/21

    100 Years of Remembrance

    This year's Remembrance Day marked 100 years since the nation’s collective Remembrance traditions were first bought together, such as the poppy, two-minute silence, Armistice Day, the service for the Unknown Warrior, and the march-past at the Cenotaph. In school we commemorated with our...
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  • 22/10/20

    Light of Hope

    Our whole school has been 'Looking back, Looking forward' this week in our assemblies, acknowledging and reflecting on the big feelings that come with change and loss, but also our strategies for coping and what it means to have hope. As part of Lichfield Cathedral's 2020 proje...
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  • 16/10/20

    Picture This

    Year 3 have been busy designing and making photo frames this term to hold those special family memories. They looked at existing photo frames, made prototypes to see how a frame works (and how it doesn't! Learning from our mistakes is a vital part of the design process) and drew out and labelled...
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  • 09/10/20

    Pouring Pots

    Year 4 are learning all about life in Ancient Greece this half term. They have been looking at Greek pots of different design and shape. This week in D.T. lessons, they experimented with making their own pot prototype out of plasticine that was able to pour out water successfully without drippi...
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  • 02/10/20

    Here We Are

    "We’re glad you found us as space is very big... you're never alone on Planet Earth". Year 5 have been re-connecting and re-engaging with school life through studying the book ‘Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth’ by Oliver Jeffers. They explored the themes...
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  • 25/09/20

    Hapa Zome

    Year 6 got out in the sunshine this week to create their own Hapa Zome - natural dye cloth printing - as part of their Art learning about images of plants and flowers. They picked violas and cyclamen, and chose a variety of leaf shapes from the trees on our field and Sensory Garden, arrang...
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  • 18/09/20

    Mindful Mantra

    "I am strong, amazing, brave and optimistic...The day is a new challenge... I was born ready!" This week, we are learning our TRJS Mindful Mantra to remind us of the wonderful, unique people we are and how we can help ourselves to have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and be resilient w...
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  • 02/09/20

    Welcome Back!

    It is so exciting to be able to finally welcome all of our children back to TRJS, with a special welcome to our new Year 3 children and families. We cannot wait to meet you all and share stories and memories of our time away from school. We will be focusing on reconnecting relationships with ea...
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