KS2 SATs Results 2017

I am pleased and proud to announce yet another year of significantly rising standards at Thomas Russell Junior School!

As parents will know from our Assessment Growth Charts, the previous national curriculum levels have been scrapped, and instead children are given scaled scores. Parents are notified of their child’s raw score (the actual number of marks they got), alongside their scaled score and whether they have reached the expected standard set by the Department for Education.

School level results

Expected standard in Reading, Writing + Maths combined - 61% National, 83% at TRJS = 22% above National and a 16% increase on last year.

Reading - 71% National, 83% at TRJS = 12% above National and an 11% increase on last year.

SPAG - 77% National, 95% at TRJS = 18% above National and a 10% increase on last year.

Maths - 75% National, 95% at TRJS = 20% above National and a 13% increase on last year.

Writing - 76% National, 95% at TRJS = 19% above National and equalling last year’s standard.

There is, as yet, no official boundary for those considered to be working at ‘greater depth’, however using last year’s point of 110, we can predict the following:

Combined R, W & M at ‘Greater Depth’ = 18% at TRJS (5% Nationally last year) and 63% of our children achieved ‘Greater Depth’ in at least one subject.

Reading - 40% at TRJS up 13% on last year

SPAG - 53% at TRJS up 16% on last year.

Maths - 50% at TRJS up 20% on last year.

Writing - 48% at TRJS a drop of 4% on last year.

And finally, last year we had one child in one subject who scored 120 (the highest scaled score possible). This year, we had 3 at 120 in Reading, 4 at 120 in SPAG and 3 at 120 in Maths, including one child who achieved a scaled score of 120 in every subject!

Our writing was also formally moderated this year and the moderators said: “Your staff really know their subject! They clearly challenge and push the children to achieve their best. A good range of evidence seen including cross curricular. Assessment systems are embedded and children are also clearly using them to promote their own learning. A wonderful morning – thank you!”

Overall, I am sure you will agree these are absolutely excellent headline results. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to these results throughout the children’s time at Junior School. Onwards and upwards!