Extra Curricular Clubs

Our extra-curricular clubs are designed to give children access to something ‘extra’ that they might enjoy – they are designed to spark an interest in something new, to help them discover a new hobby or passion and to develop self-confidence mixing with a wider friendship group of children with similar interests.  If you need childcare, please do not hesitate to book into Early Birds and Night Owls who offer an amazing ‘home from home’ experience every day from 8:00am to 5:45pm.  Thank you to our super staff who are willing to give so freely of their time to provide such great extra-curricular clubs for the children. When a child signs up to a club we do expect them to attend for the full session EVERY week and will need a written note or telephone call from a parent before the club if they will be absent.

Our clubs are always exceptionally popular and places are given on a first come first served basis. Previously we found some children were managing to get booked on to 4 or 5 clubs and doing something every single night, whereas others were missing out. In an attempt to create a fairer system, you will only be able to book TWO clubs this weekend. On Monday we will open up any additional availability to all children. We hope parents will support this decision and appreciate this attempt to create a fairer system for all.

1) Log on to www.schoolinterviews.co.uk

2) Enter Extra-Curricular code: qp7fx

3) Enter e-mail, child(ren)’s first AND surname.

4) Choose child’s year group and clubs they would like to attend.

5) Receive instant e-mail confirmation of booking.