You will have spotted on Newsletter 3 or the website that we are holding our Harvest Assembly at 2:00 on Friday 13th October. Parents are warmly invited to join us. 

The assembly is a chance to showcase some of the amazing work that goes on in our extra-curricular clubs. We will have some children from Junior Jotters sharing their poetry and information they have researched as well as songs from Choir. The whole school take part in this assembly and we would be delighted if you could join us.

Children will be allowed to leave after the assembly if they have a parent present. (Please note Choir is still on after school.) Harvest is a popular and well attended event, so prepare for a bit of a squash!

At this time of year, we also look to those who are less fortunate and in recent years have been really pleased to support YMCA in collecting donations for their Foodbank. Any donations from the list below will be gratefully received throughout the week next week. Tinned meat/ pie / fish, Tinned vegetables including potatoes, Pasta & Pasta sauces, Instant noodles Cereals, Milk (UHT) (500ml please), Coffee / Tea bags, Sugar, Tinned puddings, Tinned fruit, Jam.

We are always overwhelmed by parents’ generosity in supporting this worthwhile cause and thank you in anticipation for your kind donations.