Free School Meals

Could your family be entitled to free school meals? Taking up ‘Free School Meals’ does not mean that your child has to have a school dinner every day. Parents and children are still able to choose if they would like to bring sandwiches on some or all days, or if they only want a school dinner on special occasions such as Christmas. School meals for a year cost approximately £400 which could be a significant saving to families. Click on ‘Apply’, then click on ‘Free School Meals’ The application takes less than 5 minutes.

Once parents have shown eligibility, the school receives significant additional funding related to the number of children registered for free school meals. This is called Pupil Premium (PP) money. Schools must use this money to help raise attainment. At TRJS we use PP money to help fund the three-class split. This benefits all children! It also indirectly helps us support residential trips for those children who would not otherwise be able to join in.

It really helps the school and all children if eligible parents would please register for free school meals.

Thank you for your support.