Sensory Garden

Today we officially opened our Sensory Garden, created thanks to  a combination of funding from our own Friends Association and the generous donation from Barton and Dunstall Key Trust.

Benches have been installed around the perimeter to create a feeling of enclosure, but also offer visiting spectators to football and rugby games lots of places to sit. Miss Branson and Mr Bradley have been responsible for much of the planting, including a range of herbs, grasses and perennials which really enhance the area. Bunting, flags and windmills finish it off to great effect. Do feel free to pop down and have a look when you pick up or drop off at school. We are really pleased with how it looks and hope it offers our children somewhere more quiet and peaceful to spend breaktimes and lunchtimes should they wish.

We have installed some new tables, which have game mats on top for things like snakes and ladders, draughts and chess. We also have a road map on top of one table – if any families would be kind enough to donate any unwanted matchbox cars, we would really appreciate it.