Step into the NHS

This week children have been thinking about 'When I grow up I want to be...' and the opportunities open to them in their future careers. We discussed identities and all the factors that can influence our choice of job e.g. personality, family jobs, finances, training, stereotypes. 

Children are encouraged to enter a competition to show what they have learnt about jobs in the NHS. The closing date for entries to Miss Branson is Monday 4th April. For more information, go to

The task: saying “thank you" to the NHS after their learning about the job roles and opportunities available.

As the inspiration for your entry, think about which job or team you want to say “thank you” to in the NHS. It can be anyone who works there. Think about:

  • the wide range of jobs you have learnt about
  • surprising facts you have collected
  • how the NHS has helped you, one of your friends, or your family
  • what you’ve learned about challenging gender stereotypes

Get creative! Produce a piece of artwork or performance art, for example: a painting, drawing, video, collage or temporary street art OR a poem, story, song or dance.

Judging criteria:

25%: Understanding of NHS careers. Awareness of the range of NHS careers and services.

25%: Challenging stereotypes. Exploring the challenging of gender stereotypes.

50%: Creativity. Is the design creative and attractive? Anything that demonstrates that they have gone the extra mile with their work.