TT Rockstars Battle!

Today saw a new type of TTRockstars competition take place at TRJS. For the first time, the battle took place live in school. It was brilliant to see the children’s competitive spirit and their fabulous times tables skills. Throughout the course of the morning, our children answered an amazing 141,313 questions correctly!

The first round saw Y3 battle Y4. The atmosphere in the room was electric as both groups tried their best to take top spot in lower school. At the end of the 35 minutes, and after a tough battle, it was Year 4 who emerged victorious with a total of 24,582 points. Year 3 also did themselves proud with 16,807 points - a fabulous result.

Next up were Y5 and Y6. The winner of this heat would go on to play Y4 in the final. Both groups were feeling confident going into the contest and they gave their all. There could only be one winner though and, at the end of the session, it was Y6 who secured their place in the final with a score of 33,791 vs 25,814 for Year 5.

The final lasted for just 20 minutes and was very hotly contested between Y4 and Y6 with everyone wanting to win. It was incredibly close with the top spot changing a number of times during the battle. However, at the finish, it was Y6 who took first place with a total of 21,188 compared to Year 4’s 19,131. This was such a close result and everyone should be really proud of their efforts.