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January 2019

  • 28/01/19

    Misleading Media?

    This week in our assemblies we have been developing our critical thinking skills to explore and question what we see and read in the media and on social media. We recapped the SMART rules (see below) for staying safe online, focusing on R for Reliable. We thought about how we can examine the informa...
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  • 18/01/19

    Impeccable, impressive, immaculate!

    On Tuesday and Wednesday this week we were visited by a team of Ofsted inspectors lead by HMI Simon Mosley. The outcome of the inspection remains confidential for 21 days until the report is published by Ofsted, but we are able to tell you that we are pleased with the outcome of the inspection and a...
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  • 11/01/19

    Big Awards

    Today we celebrated excellence in Maths and English in our Big Awards ceremony. Two children in each year group were awarded a 'Big Award' for outstanding progress or achievement last term at school. The whole school and their parents watched on as their teacher read out the reasons they had...
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