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January 2020

  • 31/01/20

    Question Time

    Welcome to Debating Club! Each week, participants take on roles debating the pros and cons of a hot topic. This week's topic was 'Do footballers get paid too much?' and last week was 'Should we be given homework?'! Debaters take it in turns to take on a different role, including...
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  • 24/01/20

    Football Fantastic

    Last night our fantastic Y5 and Y6 boys footballers took part in EFL Football Cup at Dove Valley. After playing brilliantly through the rounds, they reached the final. This was a tough match but our team played brilliantly, and although many watching on the sidelines thought they had played bet...
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  • 14/01/20

    Animated Learning

    This half term, Year 4 are creating their own animations in Computing lessons. They started the topic by learning about animation in the past, including in flipbooks and thaumatropes. Here are a couple of the successful thaumatropes - it really did look like the bird was in the cage!
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