Extra-Curricular Activities

Our school day starts at 8:50 and finishes at 3:30 with an hour lunch break from 12:15 – 1:15. However, our pupils can be seen arriving at school from 8:00 if they are coming to attend our Breakfast Club. The school does not go quiet at 3:30 either, in fact if anything it comes to life with a whole host of activities planned to engage and entertain, promoting a variety of interests, skills and talents.

Breakfast Club is run by our school staff from 8:00 – 8:45. Children choose a wide variety of activities to take part in: sports, ICT suite activities, construction and crafts, team games and many more. We have between 20 and 30 children attending the club most mornings, some are regulars attending every day, some attend 2-3 days every week and others attend on a more ad-hoc basis depending on parents’ shift work or meetings. Parents book for their child to attend Breakfast Club through the online booking system. The cost is £3 per session.

Our after school activities include some of the more standard options, such as football and choir, a whole host of other sports, forest schools club, art club and then some of the more unusual options like Mario Kart club, skiing and knitting (not at the same time!)

A link to the electronic booking system is sent to parents at the beginning of each term informing them of which activities are available, any costs if relevant and the dates and times clubs will run.