Our Learning

We hope that the children have been enjoying the range of activities that have been introduced via the Daily Doodle. Thank you for sending us pictures of your creations and photos of you at work - we've loved seeing what you've been getting up to!

We recognise it is now the Easter Holiday, however we will be continuing to upload the Daily Doodle with a mix of learning and some Easter fun activities. There is, of course, no expectation that you will download it every day – just as and when you can.

After Easter, the Daily Doodle will be differentiated by year group and there will be a hint more formalised learning taking place for children who are ready / willing & able. We would like to say again that we are not expecting parents to be able to complete their full time job working from home, as well as home educate their child for 5 hours a day. We are asking families to do what they can, when they can.

(Please check the content of websites yourself before sharing with your children).