Our Learning

February half term begins on 12th February '21 - please have a good rest and relax with the family.  There are some lovely suggested activities below which you might enjoy taking part in together.

Home Learning will re-commence on Monday 22nd February and we look forward to seeing you all back on Zoom from that day.

On 4th January 2021, the Prime Minister announced that we would be entering into a third national lockdown and primary schools would be closed until February half term.

We will be uploading work on to the website weekly for all of our children who will now be learning at home remotely.

On the left, the first 4 yellow tabs will lead you to the Weekly Overview for each year group and the resources to support all of our Zoom lessons.  We will endeavour to upload work in good time to allow parents to manage their time and children's learning in the way that best suits them.

You will also find a Curriculum Overviews which detail the foundation subjects, objectives and activities.

Please do feel free to supplement children's learning with other resources, such as Oak National Academy, they have a whole host of videos, quizzes and online lessons - they have more than 10,000 lessons on there, so you ought to be able to find something of interest!

Thank you,  Mrs Sharpe 


In the Year Group tabs underneath you will find all remote learning packs that may be needed in cases of isolation or quarantine in the future.  Start with the first pack on the list (e.g. 'Y3 Remote Learning - Week 1 Day 1'). Once you have downloaded the pack, you will find a folder which contains a ‘Daily Doodle’ which is an overview of a typical school day, and then links to a whole host of resources for each of the lessons outlined on the plan. You can then work through consecutive days for each day absent from school. Please bear in mind that this is the work we set for our children last year in the summer term so please pick the level of work suitable for your child at this stage of the year.