Parent Forum

At Thomas Russell Junior School, we are committed to continuous improvement. Over the last few years, we have worked to improve communication with parents and take on board suggestions or recommendations that they may have to help us improve outcomes for the children. We have achieved this in part by implementing a very effective Parent Forum.

The remit of the Parent Forum is to focus on whole school improvement and wider issues. It is an opportunity to gauge parental opinion on a range of aspects of school and to take feedback from both members and the wider parent body. You can keep up to date with current topics and progress of the Parent Forum, via our noticeboard in the entrance hall and the Parent Forum section of the website. If you have an individual or personal issue / comment, we would still encourage you to come directly to us, either through your child’s class teacher or to myself, in order that we may be able to discuss and address this as quickly as possible.

Each year we offer all parents the opportunity to become involved in the Parent Forum, including those parents who have volunteered in the past. Parents complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ form if they would be interested in forming part of the Parent Forum. We always hope to obtain at least two representatives from each class , to give a forum of sixteen parents plus governor and staff representation. Parent Forum will meet 3 times during the year, once per term. These meetings will be during the school day, starting at 9:00am and lasting approximately 60-90 minutes. The dates are communicated via the Newsletter.

We also regularly encourage parents to raise items that they would like discussed at the Parent Forum, even if they do not wish to be a representative.

We are enthusiastic about building on the outstanding accomplishments from recent years and continuing to move forward together. Please read the previous meetings’ minutes to find out more about past discussions. If you have something to contribute to a meeting, a query or an idea, please contact either your class Parent Forum representative directly or via the school office or by email at

Please use the links below to download Parent Forum Minutes.