TRJS SEND Vision and Aims

At Thomas Russell Junior School, we support every child to achieve their BEST through high quality teaching and through the development of positive relationships between all members of our school community. Pupils with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/ or Disabilities) can expect to experience a broad and balanced curriculum with suitable support to help them with their learning and their interaction with peers.

We believe that all children should SHOW INTEGRITY, be equally valued and treated with KINDNESS. All pupils, independent of the level of support they require, should feel happy, safe and confident to thrive and EXCEL. Thomas Russell Junior School is committed to inclusion and we believe that all pupils should receive equity of treatment. We will provide high quality teaching which meets all pupils’ needs to access the curriculum and supports them to develop a LOVE of LEARNING.  By the time children leave us at the end of Key Stage Two, pupils will be prepared for the next step on their learning journey.


At Thomas Russell Junior School we strive to secure suitable special educational provision for all children who require it, in order for them to achieve their BEST. This is support which is ‘additional to and different from’ the high quality teaching and learning which all pupils receive, as stated in the Code of Practice (September 2014).


  • To develop strong relationships between school and parents/carers and for us to work in partnership to support every child with SEND.
  • To work effectively with educational professionals and implement suggestions to best support all pupils with SEND.
  • To ensure all staff understand the roles and responsibilities they have in providing for children’s special educational needs.
  • To help support staff to know how best to support children with SEND through continued professional development.
  • To ensure suitable support for pupils with medical conditions (to provide full inclusion, where possible, in all school activities) by ensuring consultation with health and social care professionals.
  • To encourage all children to BE BRAVE, to have aspirations, to develop resilience and acknowledge their achievements.
  • For children with SEND to experience a broad and balanced curriculum through the implementation of reasonable adjustments.