Specialist Tuition

We have a number of exciting developments with regard to our curriculum at school. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the opportunities and experiences for the children and understand how beneficial it can be having specialists teaching certain subjects. Below we outline our plans for the coming academic years.

Specialist Music Tuition

There is strong evidence that suggests children who learn to play a musical instrument also enjoy
greater success in other academic achievements. There is much debate about the reasoning behind
this; whether it be about both sides of the brain working together, about improving mathematical
reasoning or spatial awareness, or even linked to the discipline behind ‘practice makes perfect’.
Whatever the answer, we want to ensure our children at Thomas Russell Junior all have access to
such opportunities. We are aware that whilst some families enjoy peripatetic music lessons already
within school, financial constraints mean other children are not able to access this. The Governors
have approved continuation of the initial trial, teaching two year groups at a time to play musical instruments.

Year 3 children in September will all learn to play the keyboard for a year and the Year 5 children will all learn to play the clarinet.

This curriculum tuition will include instruction on their instrument, learning to read music, singing,
musical appreciation and preparing for performances. Each child will be loaned their musical
instruments for a one year period, which we encourage them to take home and practise on a
regular basis, this will increase their rate of progress. School will be covering the cost of the
instrument hire and the specialist tuition. We are in a very privileged position being able to offer
this and hope it will be a positive and rewarding experience for all. Children in other year groups
will continue to study music as part of their curriculum, and will have learnt an instrument last year, if they were at Thomas Russell Junior. We will also continue to offer peripatetic lessons for a wide variety of instruments for parents wishing to fund this for themselves.

Specialist Sports Tuition

We have been very lucky over the last few years to be able to fund specialist coaching, this is being delivered by Burton Albion, for selected games lessons and a one hour swimming lesson for every child in school. Our growing success in swimming is evident in the number of gold medals and our first place overall in the recent Inter-Schools Swimming gala for the third consecutive year.
Thank you for your continued support.